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Choose the n°1 of the CO2 neutral delivery services for the shipment or return of all your parcels in France and International

Give your e-shoppers the delivery solutions they expect! With a full range of offers, Colissimo supports the needs of everyone and yours in particular.

Livrez vos clients 
en France en 48h, 
à domicile ou en point retrait
Livrez vos clients partout dans le Monde selon leurs habitudes de consommations
Proposez les retours depuis la France ou l’International pour fidéliser vos clients

Choose the services that fit your needs

We offer solutions to accompany you in every step of your orders, from the purchase to the delivery of your order through the preparation and tracking of your shipments.

Configure delivery on your site
Prepare your packages
Ship your parcels
Ask for the collection of your parcels
Track your parcels and manage claims
Manage your parcel activity

E-commerce modules and solutions

Access all of Colissimo’s partner CMS allowing you to view the withdrawal points, edit the transport labels and integrate tracking on your site.

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Display Delivery Mode Choices

Front Page Points Withdrawals

Embed an overview page of available take-down points.

Web Service Point Withdrawals

Integrate in real time the withdrawal points available around the address chosen by your e-buyers in compliance with your graphic charter, thanks to the Colissimo APIs.

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Communication kit

Consult the integration tips of our services for your merchant site and retrieve Colissimo logos or language elements on our offers and CSR commitments.




Order your packaging and labels on the online tool.

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Packaging advice

A well-prepared package is the key to a successful shipment.
Consult the tips to properly prepare your package, your labels and ensure the correct delivery of your customers' orders.

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Turnkey solution


Use an online tool, simple and accessible at any time to edit your transport labels (including return parcel) for all your deliveries in France, overseas and internationally.

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Franking Web Service 

Connect the Web Postage Service with your site to automatically export your recipient addresses to edit and print your standard shipping shipping labels, for all your outbound and outbound packages in France, overseas and abroad.

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Documents Web Service

Simply load the additional customs documents for the delivery of your foreign customers in case of forgetting at the time of postage.
You can also automatically retrieve all your proof of deposit.  

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Colissimo On Demand

Trigger a request to collect up to 15 of your parcels whenever you want and need them with responsive service on the same day and online.
Service available under the Colissimo Facility contract.

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Online tracking tool for yourself and your clients

Outil de Suivi Colis (OSC), for yourself.

Improve your customer relationship with the Parcel Tracking Tool.
Manage, track and manage the delivery of your customers' orders and make your claim requests to Customer Services with ease.

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Make available to your customers the link to track their order on the site of

Tracking Web Service 

Connect the Tracking WebService with your site to allow your tracking customers to deliver their parcels directly from your site.

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Recipient notifications

Make yourself visible to your recipients when sending your packages by setting your business name and logo in the My Account section.

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Manager your users

Create users by administering different rights to the applications according to their need. This feature allows you to control the granting and access to different applications to different users within your company.
With advanced user functionality, you can also link your different accounts to a main account, which will allow you to have a consolidated view of your business.

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Technical Support Ticket Management

Open tickets to technical support independently from the online tool.

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2 contrats selon vos besoins Colissimo

Company has designed 2 solutions that adapt to your delivery needs and your logistic constraints.

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Facilité contract

Are you planning to send small volumes or to ship irregularly? This simple and non-binding contract is for you!

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Privilège contract

Are you planning to send large volumes or ship on a regular basis? This advanced and customizable contract is for you!

What makes the difference

Wherever your customers are, we’re here!
100% CO2 delivery since 2012
Flex services
Mailbox return
100% of the territory covered thanks to 70,000 letter carriers, 18 platforms and 20,000 withdrawal points. Worldwide deliveries through our international partners to 235 destinations
A voluntary environmental commitment that revolves around eco-design, reduction and compensation.
Your customers need flexibility and serenity in the reception of their package: online tracking, on or the mobile app, notifications by email or sms and possibility to choose a date or a place of delivery in case of absence.
Exclusive to Colissimo in France, your e-shoppers no longer need to travel to return their package. A way to lift the brakes on buying and retain your customers.

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