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How can I track my parcel?


To track your parcel deliveries, we invite you to visit our ColiView application, which allows you to track up to 20,000 parcels over a period of 90 days. Using this tool, you will also be able to directly contact our Customer Services Department online.

What is the Parcel Tracking Tool?

The Parcel Tracking Tool is a new interface for parcel tracking and online claims management for businesses. The tool enables you to track your parcel activity closely and thereby improve your efficiency and ability to keep your customers informed.

How do I get my identifiers so I can track my parcels?


Tracking applications are available in the "Applications - Tracking" section in your Customer Web Account space. To access your secure Customer Web Account space, you will need an identifier (your customer account number) and a password. This information will be sent to you when you open your account. Once logged in, you can access all your applications.

How do I send a claim to Customer Service?

There are two ways to send claims to the Customer Service department using the Parcel Tracking Tool: - For a single-parcel, you can use the parcel file accessible via the "Parcel Tracking" area, by clicking on a parcel number in the search results - For several parcels, you can create a file import via the "Customer Service" area You can make an online claim for one of the following 5 reasons: - Late delivery - Parcel not delivered - Parcel damaged - Cash on delivery not received - Return to sender disputed

During the transition from ColiView to the Parcel Tracking Tool, will I be able keep a record of my parcels and Customer Service claims?

ColiView allows you to carry out searches by criterion over a 3-month period. With the Parcel Tracking Tool, you can perform multi-criteria searches over a period of one year, whether to track your parcels or your Customer Service claims.

What if the collection service does not come to collect my parcels?

Colissimo Customer Service is at your disposal from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) from8am to 6pm on 0 825 878 888.

Is it possible to have a summary of the information about customs fees for parcels that are worth less than £135 and parcels worth more than £135 ?


For parcels with a market value of less than £135:

You must register to obtain a UK VAT number and a GB EORI number and enter this information in the importer/recipient block of the CN23. This information must also be included on your invoice. You will need to collect the UK VAT at the time of the order and pay it to the UK tax authorities via your registration.

You will not be charged a £12 customs clearance fee but will be charged a Brexit surcharge of €4.90 per parcel (not directly related to the customs clearance operation).

For parcels with a market value of more than £135:

There is no need for UK VAT registration or GB EORI registration, as customs duties and taxes are calculated during customs clearance on import and collected by Parcelforce from the recipient.

In addition, Parcelforce will charge the recipient a customs clearance fee of £12 for parcels valued at less than £873.

For parcels with a value of more than £873, Parcelforce will charge the recipient a customs clearance fee of £25. In all cases, the Brexit surcharge of €4.90 per parcel (not directly related to the customs clearance operation) applies.