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Colissimo Box

The smart interface developed by Colissimo to offer our business customers a simplified way to manage their parcel deliveries by regrouping in a single area all the tools and services that they need on a day-to-day basis.

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Exclusive solutions for businesses

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2 types of contract

Facilité contract or Privilège contract ? To meet the needs of all our business customers. Colissimo offers 2 types of service.

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3 essential features

At each stage of delivery, Colissimo provides you with tools with varying degrees of customisation.

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Why prefering Colissimo Entreprise solutions ?

By subscribing to Colissimo Entreprise services, you will enjoy a more flexible service offer that has been designed to adapt to the needs and logistical constraints of our business customers.

The Colissimo Entreprise service includes, among other things, a single end-of-month invoice, a simplified franking system, the potential to deliver parcels outside the home and anticipate returns management, as well as of course access to all Colissimo Box services. Business customers who choose our Entreprise services give themselves the means to significantly strengthen their business performance by optimising the strategic stage of delivery.

Why is secure access necessary ?

Access to the Colissimo Box must go through a sophisticated approval procedure. Such sophisticated access control may take up to 10 days, but it enables each customer to autonomously manage their own deliveries  with deferred payment. It's the cost of freedom.