Home delivery offer with contactless signature

Colissimo offers you the offer of home delivery with signature without contact

Since october 2020, we have implemented a signature and contactless delivery method adapted to the current context. To make life easier for your customers, we are implementing a new delivery process. Your recipients receive a 6-digit confidential code and a QR code that they must give to the letter carrier when delivering their package.

This method of delivery allows to guarantee your deliveries while respecting the sanitary rules still in force to date.

sans contact
To offer your customers a reliable and interactive service, the quality of “your ads” parcel is essential to us:
  • Package Number
  • Recipient Name (Civility, Last Name, First Name)
  • Delivery mailing address, complete (n°, street, address supplement, postal code, city)
  • Email address of your customer*
  • Your customer’s mobile phone number*

* In accordance with our General Terms and Conditions and the GDPR, customer data is used only to ensure the correct information and delivery of orders in a secure manner. La Poste - Colissimo does not store this data.

notif sans contact

A simple, reliable and secure delivery experience:


* If the recipient has not received a QR code or confidential code, they must either:
- sign the package with their own pen, the delivery person will take a picture
- sign a slip, the deliveryman will then enter the code C19 on his Factéo

For further information, do not hesitate to contact your sales representative.