Pick-up point delivery

Extend your geographical reach with Pickme

When you run an e-commerce business, offering an optimal delivery experience is essential to acquiring and keeping your customers coming back for future purchases. 
Consumer habits are changing fast, and many of them are increasingly opting for pick-up point delivery, not only to save money but also for convenience, given their lifestyles and daily habits.
We've already responded, offering you access to the largest network of points of contact in France through our “Colissimo Point Retrait” offer.

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Our new secret weapon and yours: the social delivery by Pickme

Visuel - Les voisins-relais prennent soin des colis de vos e-acheteurs

Neighbors take care of your e-buyers' parcels

Pickme stands out as the first collaborative neighborhood delivery platform that allows you to have your order delivered close to the address of one of the "Keepers". In other words, it's perfect if your customers' schedules don't match with the opening and busy hours of shops and post offices, or if you simply want to avoid your next-door neighbors.

Delivery to a Pickme neighbor means: 

  • An innovative, ecological, social and efficient solution to complete the typology of contact points and geographical presence: already more than 36,000 active recurring customers
  • A way to enrich your delivery experience with greater flexibility: available on demand, evenings, weekends, public holidays and Mondays. (32%* of parcel collection requests are made after 8pm)
  • Fast delivery: successful delivery from the 1st presentation and a parcel picked up within 24 hours by the addressee in 80%* of cases
  • Delivery with the same level of security: The network of private customers is verified, controlled and trusted (network rated 4.8/5*). Parcels are double-scanned for precise tracking, and delivery is made on presentation of a unique 4-digit code by the addressee, who receives it via a notification system.
  • Environmentally-friendly delivery thanks to a hyperproximity network that limits motorized travel and, as a bonus, strengthens social and collaborative links between citizens

Pickme in the Colissimo Point Retrait offer, now!

Already integrated into our re-delivery solution for 2 years and highly acclaimed (9.5/10 satisfaction**), in November 2023 Pickme will integrate our out-of-home delivery offer in 4 geographical delivery zones: Nanterre (92. Hauts-de-Seine), Lyon Corbas (69. Rhône), Roubaix (59. Nord) & Rouen (76. Seine-Maritime). A test run during a busy period to facilitate the reception of end-of-year parcels, then we'll consider a roll-out after analysis of this test, your feedback and feedback from your customers.

How does it work?

For your e-buyers, it's simple.

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How can I take part in the test?

Good news! You don't have to do a thing, not even an IT development. 
Pickme is integrated directly into the various points of contact available with Colissimo Point Retrait, depending on the address entered by your 
e-buyer and the test zones, regardless of the technical solution you're using.

Don't wait any longer to tell your customers about the next-door delivery option with Pickme, and set yourself apart from the competition while improving your post-purchase experience.

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