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Discover our latest Web Services

Prepare all your franking with the Colissimo Web Label Service: a new service that makes preparing shipments easy!

1. 1. Order information is saved on the e-commerce website
2. The franking web service acts as a technical gateway between your e-commerce site and Colissimo's IT system
3. The web service generates a parcel number: it sends you a tracking number and a label
4. The label can then be stuck on the parcel: the parcel is dispatched


The benefits of the labelling Web Service:

  • A labelling service is available for the entire Colissimo product range Entreprise Colissimo
  • The ability to generate your own deposit slips for simplified collection or drop-off
  • A range of labels available in several formats: ZPL 203 or 300 dpi/DPL 203 or 300 dpi/PDF A4 or 10x15 cm
  • Content automatically updated during service updates, so no need for development on your end!
  • Web service accessible in both SOAP and REST mode, to meet the technical needs of both
  • A solution that allows you to enter the international market with ease: smooth customs clearance thanks to automatically generated customs declarations. Return options provided by the web service (variable depending on the destination). Minimisation of addressing errors and optimised quality of service thanks to postcode/country matching. Specific needs catered for: shipments to French Southern and Antarctic Lands, armed forces postcodes and countries without postcode systems. An interface that incorporates Colissimo's return solutions

Download the Technical Documentation for our Web Service Labelling Solution now!